K-Rain Rotary Nozzles have multiple streams of water that rotate and are for use with K-Rain Pro-S Spray bodies and other types that accept female thread nozzles. 

The benefits of rotary nozzles include water savings through higher efficiency due to slower application rate preventing waste from run off, less wind drift from reduced atomization and the ability to run more nozzles with less line pressure than conventional spray nozzles. 

Rotary nozzles can also be used on the same zone as gear drive rotors, as they have the same precipitation rate.

Installation and adjustment:

1. To install a rotary nozzle insert the nozzle in the top of the riser turning clockwise until snug.

2. To adjust the nozzle turn on the water and with the nozzle spraying away from you turn the LOWER part of the pop up riser any direction needed to get the Left Fixed Side of the water streams to start in the desired location. Next place the orange nozzle adjustment tool over the top of the nozzle and while pushing down lightly turn to change the Adjustable Right Stop/Start. Turn the tool clockwise to increase the arc and counter clockwise to decrease the arc.

3. At the base of the nozzle there is a band/ring that matches the color of the nozzle top, this is the flow control that is used for radius adjustment. The flow control should be all the way clockwise from the factory which is the fully open position, turning the flow control ring counter clockwise will decrease the arc, ¼ turn counter clockwise is the fully restricted position/ shortest radius.