Pop up spray bodies have threaded inserts called “nozzles” installed on top of their pop up risers. These nozzles have preset arcs or patterns such as 90 degrees (1/4 circle), 180 degrees (half circle) and 360 degrees (full circle) that determines the area that the head will cover. Some heads are equipped with variable arc nozzles that will adjust to any arc needed to cover odd shaped areas.

 The pop up risers on all K-rain spray bodies are adjustable by twisting the long portion of the riser below the nozzle to get the water pattern spraying in the desired direction.

On adjustable arc nozzles turn the riser as described above to adjust where the left side of the arc will begin with the water running and spraying away from you. Next while holding the base section of the nozzle turn the top serrated ring at the top of the nozzle clockwise to make the arc larger and counter clockwise to make the arc smaller.


To adjust the radius(distance) hold the nozzle in place to keep it from turning and use a small flat blade screwdriver to turn the slotted screw in the top center of the nozzle clockwise while the water is running to reduce the radius.