To remove and install nozzles you will need a pair of needle nose pliers and either an RPS Key, K-Key or small flat blade screwdriver (depending on model of head being serviced).

Rotors with built in flow control:

For changing nozzles on RPS75i, Super Pro and K2 Pro, turn the water on, then use the K-Key or RPS Key to turn the flow control all the way counter clockwise so that the riser is popped up with no water coming out of the nozzle. Then skip step #1 and proceed to step #2.

1. Insert the K-key or RPS key in the pull up slot on top the head. In relation to the arrow above the nozzle being located at 12 o’clock the pull up slot can be found at the 11 o’clock position on RPS75, the 6 o’clock position on K2, K2 Pro, K8000, Super Pro and Pro Plus and the 3 o’clock position on the smaller “mini” rotors (K1, Mini Pro, and RPS50).

Once inserted into the pull up slot twist the key ¼ turn to prevent it from pulling out of the slot then pull upwards. Hold the lower part of the riser and squeeze to prevent it from retracting back into the body. (A riser clip part # P54065 is available to hold the riser partially out of the body on ¾” rotors).

2. Use the end of the K-key or the metal hex shaped end of the RPS key depending on which model you have and loosen the nozzle retention screw located in the center of the nozzle arrow, if your head has a rubber cover push the key through the hole in the center of the arrow. Turn the screw counter clockwise until it is no longer in front of the nozzle, it is not necessary to completely remove the screw.

3. To remove the old nozzle use a pair of needle nose pliers to grab one of the tabs that go on either side of the nozzle retention screw if the nozzle is RED or grab the pull out tab to the right of the nozzle orifice on GREEN nozzles and pull the nozzle out of the socket. A K-key can also be used to remove the nozzle by inserting the end of the key into the small rectangular slot at the top or side of RED nozzles then pushing the key to one side and pulling out.

4. Install a new nozzle by pushing it into the socket with the 2 retention tabs pointing up if the nozzle is RED or with the pull out tab to the left on GREEN nozzles. The socket is angled up slightly so it is necessary to push down at an angle with the thumb to get the nozzle fully seated. After the nozzle is in all the way make any final adjustments needed to make sure the tabs that go on either side of the nozzle retention screw are at the top by moving the nozzle into place with needle nose pliers or a K-key.

 5. Turn the nozzle retention screw clockwise until it is in front of the nozzle and in between the 2 tabs at the top of the nozzle. Turn on the water and make any adjustments necessary to adjust the radius.