All K-rain rotors have a variety of nozzles available to deliver the right amount of water needed for your turf and landscaping’s needs. 

Each nozzle puts out a different amount of water measured in gallons per minute or GPM for short. Nozzles come in 2 different trajectories which changes the angle of the water stream relative to the ground, they are referred to as STANDARD angle and LOW angle nozzles. 

All of the nozzles have the same basic shape of the water stream before the nozzle retention/break up screw (located above the nozzle) is used to “fan out” or widen the stream while also reducing the radius (distance) and providing more fallout of water droplets for better close in coverage around the head.


The ¾” inlet full size rotors have a 2.5 GPM STANDARD angle nozzle pre-installed at the factory with the exception of “RCW” models which have a 2.5 GPM LOW angle nozzle installed. The ½” inlet “mini” rotors have a 1.5 GPM STANDARD angle nozzle pre-installed however at the request of some retailers the K1 model may have a larger 2.5 GPM standard nozzle.


The main reasons the various size/GPM nozzles exist are so that you can:

1. Reduce or increase the amount of water applied in relation to a given areas soil /plant /turf type and the rate at which the area absorbs or drains the water.

2.  Adjust the precipitation rate of the heads, which is the amount of water applied by the nozzle during a given amount of time.


The reason precipitation rates are typically adjusted are because as the radius of a rotors coverage is increased or decreased the same amount of water is being spread over a larger or smaller area. This frequently results in too little water being applied around larger arc heads and too much water around smaller arc heads.


 The solution to this uneven watering is to increase or decrease the nozzle size used as the heads arcs are increased or decreased. 

 An example of rotors (K2 Smartset/K2 Pro) with nozzles installed to match their precipitation rate with their arcs would be:

Arc setting           Nozzle #        Pressure (PSI)   Flow (GPM) 

90 degrees                 1                      40                      1.5

180 Degrees              2.5                   40                      2.5

270 Degrees              3                      40                       4.2

360 degrees              4                      40                       5.1