Tools you will need:  RPS75 or RPS75i Adjustment Key, K-Rain Part Number 100901

RPS75 & RPS75i adjusts from a fixed right position.  This is the sprinkler's starting position.   K-Rain rotors are preset from the factory at 90 degrees.

To adjust the watering pattern (or arc), rotate the nozzle turret to the right until to stops - you have found the right start position, or the "non-adjustable position."  Notice the position of the arrow just above the nozzle inlet.

To make adjustments to the fixed right position, pull the riser up using the T shape of the plastic Key and the nozzle pull up slot.  Grab the riser under the rotating turret joint and rotate the riser utnil the arrow above the nozzle inlet points to the desired start position.  Gently lower the riser back into the can.

Now, turn the turret all the way to the left until it stops.  Notice the position of the arrow just above the nozzle inlet - You have found the left stop, or "adjustable position." 

To increase the arc, place your thumb on the top of the rubber cover and insert the white plastic side of the key (T-Shape) into the arc adjustment hole and turn it clockwise.  

1 turn clockwise = 90 degree increase in watering pattern.   1 turn counterclockwise = 90 degree decrease in watering pattern.

Finally, to adjust the radius (distance) of the stream, insert the metal hex shaped end of the RPS Key, K-Rain Part Number 100901 into the hole in the raised arrow above the nozzle. 

With water on, turn the key clockwise to reduce the radius up to 25% and breakup the water stream for fallout of droplets providing close-in coverage around the head. 

The nozzle screw should not be turned more than 3 complete turns from the factory preset position or the screw will thread completely through the hole and be lost in the stream.

All adjustments to the head can be made wet or dry.