When trying to connect a controller to the internet for the first time, tapping “Add Controller” brings up a white text box.  

This means the user is logged into the ProEX server using an account type that is a Contractor and not a Homeowner account.

Homeowner Accounts can connect controllers to the internet via the AP mode in the native smartphone application and then SHARE with a lawn care professional who has a Contractor Account. Homeowner Accounts can connect up to 4 individual controllers. Homeowners can also revoke permission to their controllers via the UNSHARE function in the account section of the Native App or Browser if they decide to change lawn care providers.

Contractor Accounts can accept the SHARE credentials created and sent via email by the homeowner for up to 400 controllers. Controllers can be grouped by “CUSTOMER GROUP” Field and geolocated on a map under the HOME > CONTROLLERS PAGE.

Solution: if you are trying to connect the controller to the internet for the first time, you need to use a Homeowner Account, which is just a matter of creating another account through the App with a different email address. Contractor Accounts are requested by the professional contractor through K-Rain Manufacturing Corporation.