Every Month: 1) Check your timer settings and make any adjustments to run times to compensate for any under or over watering 2) Activate each valve electrically with the controller to check operation 3)unclog nozzles on your spray heads if needed and check rotor heads for rotation 4) If you have a mainline filter, clean it out. 5) Check for damage from lawn mowers, vehicular traffic and vandals.

Mid-season checkup: 1) Clean out the filters in all your sprinkler heads 2) Check the height of the heads relative to the landscaping and turf grass and raise or lower as needed to provide good coverage and prevent damage. 3) Check to make sure wires and wire nuts in splice and valve boxes are water tight and secure. 4) Check pump operation/intake screen if applicable. Check rain sensor operation if so equipped.

End of season: 1) If you live in an area prone to freezing temps your system MUST be “winterized” by blowing out the systems valves and piping with compressed air to prevent damage. Contact a local licensed irrigation professional to find out if this is done in your area.  To find a professional contractor, go to FIND A CONTRACTOR or read our article on WINTERIZING YOUR SYSTEM.